A painter stages a heist to steal his paintings back from the vault of a museum. A filmmaker happens to be at the museum on the same day.

Release Date: 2023-09-11

Two Dogs

Kelley Dong

Release Date: 2022-08-11

Night is Limpid

Isiah Medina

During a period of exuberance and uncertainty, a group of artists and critics grow into new ideals and ways of thinking, as the old forms are no longer satisfying.

Release Date: 2022-05-01


Isaac Goes

From this world to the next

Release Date: 2021-07-20


Kelley Dong

Release Date: 2020-05-01

Take back control over our future and foster the ambition for a world more modern than capitalism. Demand full automation, demand a reduced work week, demand universal basic income, destroy the work ethic.

Release Date: 2020-03-30

log 2

Isiah Medina

From Winnipeg to Paris, from Montreal to the Philippines, the dash between “Filipino-Canadian” becomes a minus.

Release Date: 2020-03-11

Alexander von Humboldt climbs a volcano. A parade comes to town.

Release Date: 2019-07-19

Eden is a Cave

Alexandre Galmard

Release Date: 2018-08-11


Alexandre Galmard

Release Date: 2017-12-31

Late Embryo

Kelley Dong

300 frames of 56 photographs taken over 20 days compressed into the span of the time it takes for you to answer my call as I pull up into the driveway and wait by the phone.

Release Date: 2017-12-21

The impossible childhood home, it cannot be reached and it is not the same.

Release Date: 2017-12-21


Isiah Medina

Release Date: 2016-08-01


Alexandre Galmard

Release Date: 2016-07-25

Berg's Fatalism

Alexandre Galmard

Release Date: 2015-08-19


Isiah Medina

You’re unable to pay your bills. Your light, heat, and water are cut. Once you’re able to pay again, the digital appliances flash 88:88, –:–, -.

Release Date: 2015-08-12


Alexandre Galmard

Release Date: 2014-07-10

May and December, 2

Alexandre Galmard

Release Date: 2013-02-11

Semi-auto Colours

Isiah Medina

Kids from the West End learn to count to One.

Release Date: 2010-04-29